A Hymn

I’ve mentioned before that grief can come forward in a unexpected  second. I had one of those moments at church today. There are a few hymns that my sons used to play in their first years of music. It was always a special sound to my ears listening to them practice over & over.

Now those same hymns are both a time of comfort & a stab of grief. It was only right that a couple of those were sung at Jacobs memorial service. When my church service includes one of them as part of worship, well that’s when I struggle to hold composure.

Inside I’m going back in time to the sweet memories in my heart of hearing them practice. Then the image of Jacobs body laying in a casket rips the ground right out from under me. There I stand, trying to hold back tears.

I wonder how many hear a hymn that sparks something inside of them. The church pews are full of hurts & healings. You never know all of someone’s story. They can be standing there & maybe they aren’t singing & maybe, just maybe, it’s because that hymn has taken them somewhere else.

I can look around & see the shells of the people around me. However, I can’t see inside. Just like no one can see inside of me. Jesus…he CAN & does see all. Unlike any other, he also understands all that’s going on inside. Turn to Him. There is no safer place to lay your hurts.



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