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I’ve been trying to get a few blogs done but this just won’t leave my mind. So, I’ll wait on those & share my heart with you instead. I’ve recently finished the book Holiness by Nancy DeMoss. She touched on some topics that most seem to place aside or completely ignore. I became a follower of Christ when I was an adult so I get the worldly way of living. I still bear scars from it. Thankfully, those scars are covered by the healing grace & forgiveness of Jesus but they are still part of me.

Being in the “Christian” community isn’t wound free either. Key reason- sin & humans. The last 2 chapter’s had me on the edge of my seat. The Heart of Holiness & The Passion for Holiness. I wish I could type out the entire two chapter’s for you- really, the whole book. Please read the book! I was “Amening” right & left but it was also convicting me in a powerful way. In the last chapter, she talks about taking holiness seriously, sewage in the church, the church marrying the world, a passion for God’s glory, time for repenters to repent & about 60 sentences that hit at my core. I’m not even going to tell you about the list of questions she has to examine yourself in the previous chapter. It’s pretty heavy.

Let me share this paragraph from her book: And then there are the more “respectable” forms of sewage that are often overlooked and tolerated among believers-things such as overspending, unpaid debt, gluttony, gossip, greed, covetousness, bitterness, pride, critical spirits, backbiting, temporal values, self-centeredness, and broken relationships. Sadly, the church-the place that is intended to showcase the glory and holiness of God-has become a safe place to sin. Then a couple paragraphs later: We have promoted a “gospel” that says it is possible to be a Christian while stubbornly refusing to address practices or behaviors we know are sinful. We have accepted the philosophy that it’s OK for Christians to look, think, act, and talk like the world. Um…OUCH. 

I was deeply saddened reading this chapter. She was asking, ” where are the men and women who love God supremely, where is the fear of God, where are the saints who’s lives are above reproach in all areas, where are the believers who’s eyes fill with tears & hearts ache for the unholy church, where are the sore knees from pleading with God to grant the gift of repentance, where are the compassionate Christian leaders who have the courage to call the church to become clean before God, where are the parents who are willing to deal completely with everything unholy in their homes, where are the parents who are on their knees for their children’s sin, where are the repenter’s that need to repent.” Sigh…

There’s nothing more that I could add to what she’s already wrote. What I can do is self examine. I’m part of the church. Am I genuinely seeking holiness? I could easily read those words & come up with all kinds of excuses or I can read that & be crushed by my laziness in things that really matter. I looked like the world for too long. I don’t want to anymore. If I did have the desire then I would be asking myself some serious questions!

I may not know what the latest & greatest is. I may be really behind in the times. I may even look a bit odd. That’s ok with me! I’d rather stand out in a weird way then blend into the world’s way.

Church, can you kinda get why the world doesn’t want to be a part of us? Is there any conviction inside you to seek holiness? It starts with each one of us. I know it hit me like a rock! Can I challenge you to take just 2 days & write down every single thing you do. Log everything including internet & phone usage. Jot down attitudes & conversations. Then go back & take a look. How much time did you pursue holiness? How much time did the Lord get? How much time did you spend being the hands & feet of Jesus? Does your outside match your heart? I already know I need work.

– Oh Sovereign Lord, I lift up my life into your hands. Wash my heart in holiness. I need you every second of the day. I pray that my days are an offering to you. Forgive me for allowing myself to be misguided. Your Word has the truth & that’s where I need to seek answers. Lord, you know all my weaknesses & I pray you will strengthen them. Thank you for rescuing me, loving me & never leaving me. Thank you for the trials in my life to grow from. Thank you for Your Holy Scriptures. I love you. In Jesus name, Amen. –

Micah 6:8, 1 Peter 1:13-20 & 1 Thessalonians 4

In Christ,