Held by Him

Have you ever walked into water going against the natural force that’s headed toward the shore? You know, that feeling of barely being able to lift your legs & move forward against the current.

How about standing in the water & having waves crash up against you. One after another until you can longer keep your footing. Some so unexpected & big that you actually get knocked down and go under. Resurfacing, gasping for air & so weak that you’re barely keeping a hand above the surface. You scramble back on your feet only to have another wave take you down.

Whether it’s struggling to move against the current or fighting against waves, you always dig your feet back into the murky ground & stand. No longer in your own strength.

For me, that’s how my body feels walking through this season, but I’m not in the water. The Lord became my full source of strength years ago. It’s not even my own feet keeping me steady, it’s His arms on my shoulders firmly holding me in place.

Being a Christ follower doesn’t usher in a storm free life. Being a follower of Jesus means I have His strength, joy & hope to draw on. The moment I think it has anything to do with my own capabilities is the moment I’ll surely sink.

There will be misunderstandings, sorrows, hurtful words & attitudes, angry outbursts, abuse, tragedy, death, loved ones who walk away, addictions, damaging lies, financial struggles, relationships that end, unexpected pain, selfishness, accidents, sickness & unbelief. There will be. This is the world, it’s not heaven.

For me….I know bad things happen. I understand that God’s Word never promised a care free life. Of course there are many wonderful times too, but joy isn’t tied to others & events. His joy isn’t a silly giggling laugh fest. True joy is searching for His promises. Drawing on His faithfulness. Being eternally grateful for the cross. Watching the sunset & staring at His majesty in creation. Closing my eyes, lifting my hands & praising Him for my salvation. That’s Jesus joy.

Hope. Hope in Him…well…that’s my anchor. Where there’s no hope, there’s no Jesus. Hope is not giving up. It’s hanging onto His truths.

You know what? I may never understand what I’m supposed to tangibly do with any of what’s happened. I have to be OK with the possibility that the answers might not come in my lifetime. Maybe they will & it’ll never be for me to see.

What I can do is praise His holy name. I can release my daily burdens into His nail scarred hands. I can trust Him every second of every day. I can drop to my knees & cry for hours if I need to. He never walks away. His love is sacrificial. His love for me is so deep that He took all my sin & continues to take all my hurts. He showers me with grace & mercy. That’s love. The love of the Father. Holy Spirit, help me to love as I’ve been loved by Jesus.

2 Thessalonians 3:5 “May the Lord bring you into an ever deeper understanding of the love of God and the endurance that comes from Christ.” (NLT)

Jesus Christ, you are my living hope! Even with the unknowns, the storms & all this earthly craziness. You are my hope!

Are you hurting & broken inside? Oh friend, come to this hope. It’s here for you too.

Saved by Him,


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