Thankful for Him

It’s the same thing every morning. My alarm goes off & it’s a new day.

I always lay there for a brief minute trying to get a clear head on what day it is & then everything comes crashing in like a wave. The same problems, pile of unfinished work & mound of sticky notes are all waiting for me.

The heaviness of reality is still there. The weight of life circumstances is facing me one more time.

Quite frankly, if I did any of this crazy life in my own ability then I doubt I’d bother crawling out of bed. I climb in bed at night & lay my head down tired out physically & emotionally. I remind myself that I trust in Him & he has it all.

(Then I knock myself out with a hefty dose of cedarwood & crank out some oils in my diffuser next to my bed…my goodness, I need it for sure!)

It’s a new day to try my best again. Will I fail? Absolutely, but I try. Psalm 19:14 is what I start my day with because you see, I can’t do any of this in my own strength.

There’s always a reason to be thankful. Thankful for another day to willingly walk forward & be who He created me to be. I will always be thankful for the cross. Thankful for my salvation. He chose me….how could I not be thankful for that?!

If I don’t take my eyes off of all the “stuff” then I will risk losing my joy, hope & trust. My focus & eyes need to stay on the Creator. My thoughts have to be reined in all the time & be put back on Him.

I can be thankful in all things because it’s an opportunity for growth. This is one of the hardest things. I don’t want any of the trials that come my way but the reality is they come anyway. I can’t hide or run from them. Each one is headed straight at me whether I want it or not.

What I can run to is Gods Holy Word. What I can hide is those precious words in my heart.

The Psalms are the place for me. It’s the best therapy around! Psalm 16…32…33…34…62…84…100…107… Oh, the Psalms. Thank you, Lord, for blessing me with Your life giving words.

I can, I really can, be thankful no matter what! I can see the sun rising from my kitchen window. I could walk right past it or I can stop a minute & look. He has today in his hands. He is present. He is near. He is in control.


My worship is for Him alone.


I don’t know what you’re facing but I do know that my God is big enough. He is strong enough & he is able. As warm & secure as those blankets in my bed seem to be, it’s nothing compared to the safety of being tucked under His mighty wing.

You know, I often write on the same topic & there’s a reason. I need to remind myself of these truths over & over again.

Worship His Holy Name!

In Christ,


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3 thoughts on “Thankful for Him

  1. Sandi Schultz

    I was so encouraged today as I read your words filled with worship, love, and courage. I am so glad that God has gifted you with the ability to share His great strength through you. We are more than conquers through him that loved us so. For a little gal you sure have big spiritual muscles! I believe we all have those waking moments of recognition when we try to prepare ourselves for the day ahead , and if only we were to all present those moments into the trustworthy hands of our Jesus, could imagine how much of an influence for the Lord we could have. You are a champion leader through your willingness to follow. Keep up the good fight my friend. He who has started a good work In you; is faithful to finish it! Love and continued prayer, your sister, Sandi


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