Dec 29, 2015

Colossians is one of my favorite books in the bible. I have most of it underlined. This particular book really speaks to me & reminds me that Jesus is my rescuer, my Lord & my strength. Colossians 1:9-14 is an encouragement to walk worthy.

Spiritual wisdom comes from studying the Word, obeying it & letting the truths sink deep into the heart.

Many people choose their ‘gospel’ according to what has happened to them in life. They park in places that make sense to their own understanding. Well….I am ok with not understanding everything. What God wants me to know is in the bible & the rest will go unanswered on earth

I’m certain there are reasons many things are not explained in scripture. That doesn’t mean I can create a ‘fill in the blank gospel’ to comfort my own flesh. No way….I trust & aim to obey scripture as is…unchanged…unpopular to some….left in context.

After all, the Word of God is my sword…Ephesians 6. I can’t battle the enemy of my soul with faulty twisted scripture. Gods Word confronts society, it doesn’t conform to it.

I firmly believe more time needs to be spent in the Word. Popular authors, speakers & false teachers need to be set aside. It can become a distraction from the truth. I see it as an honor to have Gods Word convict my soul.

It pushes me toward change, growth & self examination. Satan is still using the same tricks. The enemy still whispers “did God really say?” & that starts the questioning and tearing apart of scripture. Too many are falling & buying the lie of anything goes, fleshly comforts & all ways are ok.

Ephesians 6:18 is a call to pray. A type of praying that never stops. There is quiet time prayer & then there is a constant communing type of prayer. The fact is, we are to pray always. Could it be that if we don’t, it’s another way for the world to creep into our lives?

Tie on the belt of truth. Place the helmet of salvation over your mind. Put your feet in the shoes of peace. Armor your heart with the breastplate of righteousness. Hold up the shield of faith to protect your soul. Be ready for battle with the Word of God as your sword. He has equipped us if we look, study & spend time in the Word.

Shining His light,


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