Catching Up!

I can’t believe how long its been since I’ve written on here. I finally start a blog & then I ignore it :/ I read my last blog…the one I wrote when I was sick. I contemplated deleting it but thought ‘hey…why not leave it’. If anything it will remind me of the summer of 2015.

Another reason I have been lazy on blogging is because I’m not a fan of typing out my words. Just like I figured, my fingers go faster than the letters on here. I spend more time separating words that jumble together & fixing sentences. It interrupts my thinking. I’ve decided to go back to my love of paper & pencil. I can copy it to this blog afterward.

I also dove into tons of essential oil work. I do a lot on Facebook for Roots of Healing & my private page for my group… Blessed Oilers. I started my oil classes back up. I volunteered for my daughters AHG troop. Church, homeschooling, chores, Home Bible Fellowship, canning,  MOPS, birthdays, accident date, Thanksgiving, grandbaby time & now Christmas. Not to mention, all the stuff in between. You know…Life.

During all of that, I missed my writing. Sure, I write whenever things come to me. I have papers, scraps of paper & sticky notes everywhere. I had, for the most part, stopped writing writing. Disobedience…again. Smack dab in my face disobedience. I was aware of it but I was also choosing to keep placing it on a back shelf. Writing is just part of who I am. I get antsy & full of words if I don’t write them down. After a couple of lame excuses, I had the same friend calling me out. Encouraging me to write. So, I thank her. Sometimes you just need that friend to say “Hey” & get back at it!

God gifts each of us specifically. Uniquely. I know I get off balance when I spend too much time on busy work & give pebbles to Kingdom work. Looking forward to getting back on track!



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