A few truths I needed to share

There are many broken families. Families full of hurt & unforgiveness.

It’s important to measure everything against Gods Word. Look to His Holy Scriptures for guidance & wisdom. Our own ways are faulty & can set the stage for bad decisions & poor choices. This can add more strain to any existing cracks.

Pushing aside truths & grasping onto what you think is right or what your flesh wants places you as your own god.

Mark 7

Once  a decision is made, there is no turning back. There are no do-overs. Is it worth having the cracks turn into canyons?

Regret can smother. It can be a road block to moving forward & trying to live a fruitful life. Repentence is not a popular word in our culture but it’s the first step to true freedom. Freedom from the chains we place around ourselves.

The outside can be deceiving. The inside is where truth is. The truth of who we really are. None of us are exempt from wordly temptations. None.

1 Corinthians 10:12-13

Time is short & precious. Use it wisely. Proverbs is a great place to park & ponder. Let the Living Word speak to your soul. Let it become part of you. Don’t read it & think of others. Read it & examine yourself. Build a solid foundation.

Matthew 7:24-27

Yes… the walking wounded.  There are many, but the good news is….there is hope & healing in the Savior. I can never change another. Just me. One thought at a time. One decision at a time.

Psalm 19:14

Hebrews 12:1-4 , 12-13

Thank you for redemption oh Lord…

Committed to Him,



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