I did it!!!

I finally started a blog…whew…its been a LONG delay on my part. Its not because I didn’t want to do it. Anyone that knows me knows that I love to write. It was all the logistics. Finding the right blog….UGH…there’s gotta be any easier way…& setting it up…UGH! Just give me pen & paper any day.

Hang on…its due to be a bumpy ride at times. First off is getting these letters to stop gelling together when I type. Don’t even get me started on the back space button. I will stay positive & just be glad the hard part is over (thanks to my son, Jordan, who rescued his frustrated mom after 3+ hrs trying to get this blog set up) & keep my eyes on the writing!!!! That’s the part I was waiting for. The biggest challenge now will be limiting myself.

I will be doing some extra praying on getting the right words out. I always knew I would start with the accident. It think its important that you get to know me & it starts there. Sure, I’ll talk about the me & life before but Oct 21, 2011 is the start of this blog. Its the day that changed me forever. Its the day my son went home to be with his Savior.

Give me a bit. I will be back & I look forward to getting to know each other!

6 thoughts on “I did it!!!

  1. Cynthia Scott

    Good for you! I was JUST thinking about you this morning, you have been on my heart.
    Love , Cindy

    1. My Hope Post author

      I was needing prayers today…I’m still surprised I didn’t toss my laptop out the window! I almost gave up again. Thanks for thinking about me 🙂 God has blessed me with a caring church family!

  2. Erika Bowers

    YEAH!! I am so glad you have done this!! I believe with all my heart you have been given a gift to share Jesus in you writing in a way that so many wished that they could. I am praying for this to be a vehicle that draws you and all those that read closer to Christ, creator of all.

    1. My Hope Post author

      Thank you Erika. It means so much to call you friend. I am blessed with people that speak truth into my life. I pray that the Lord can use me for his kingdom work.


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